These Elf Earbuds Allow You To Listen To Music AND Look Like An Elf At The Same Time

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Lord of the Rings fans, Game of Thrones fans, and anyone who is a fan of elves in general, now you can be an elf too. Elf earbuds are now being sold on Taobao. Listening to your favorite music is now more aesthetically stylish than ever with these!

You can transform yourself from a mere human into a magical elf by simply equipping these when you want to listen to music. They work just like regular earbuds, but they come with pointy elf ears which saddle your own ears. See for yourself.

Elves have become very popular in the cosplay universe largely thanks to films and various television series.

Now you can be an elf too with these elf earbuds.

They can be yours for about $14.

You can connect them via 3.5 mm jack like your regular earbuds.

The ears are made from silicon so that they’re comfortable.

Now you can look elf-like anytime you wish.

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These elf earbuds are sure to be a hit among cosplay fans and, of course, fans of all things elven in nature.