10 Hilarious Cartoons That Will Brighten Your Day

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Cartoons are a an excellent stress reliever. As adults who are juggling many responsibilities with work, family, relationships, etc., cartoons can boost our mood, especially if we can relate to them.

Jim Benton is an author and illustrator who is a New York Times bestseller and who’s books have sold over 10 million copies. He just had a new book published, and it’s all cartoons. He put a few of his cartoons online to serve as a teaser for the book. Check them out below and try not to laugh.

1. Chicken fingers

2. The making of a masterpiece

3. Playing with your dog

4. Workplace reality

5. There’s always an option.

6. Oops

7. On writing in cursive

8. Becoming stronger

9. Liquid courage

10. The nose doesn’t like what the vocalist is producing.

(via BoredPanda)