17 Strange Cemetery Finds That’ll Give You Nightmares

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Cemeteries aren’t exactly the best place to spend a day, but there can be a lot of fun, thrill, and excitement when visiting such spooky places. It’s a fact that cemeteries tend to give people goosebumps. After all, the idea of having many of the deceased beneath one’s feet can be a little unsettling. But what many don’t know is that they are home to some of the creepiest finds ever, from scary statues to hair-raising gravestones.

Below you’ll find a few cemetery photos that are guaranteed to give you the creeps!

1. This blank stare.

2. Night of the Living Dead Snowmen.

3. This strange descent.

4. Children at play.

5. Deformed guardian angel.

6. Ominous hovering.

7. Kiss of Death.

8. This ghostly figure.

9. Where’s the rest?

10. Another lurking, cloaked guardian.

11. These toys, rotten by the weather.

12. Definitely not a playground.

13. Welcome to Lullabyland.

14. Terrifying weeping angel.

15. Deathbed.

16. Voodoo doll for the dead.

17. Even the trees are frightening.

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Cemeteries aren’t just the final resting places of the departed, but also serve as incredibly interesting and historical places. These creepy photos show just how mysterious and frightening graveyards can be.