10 Text Messages That Mean She’s Just Not Interested In You

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A lot of guys really need help when it comes to communicating with women. Many men don’t know how or when to take a hint. Countless others just don’t know how to decode what women are saying to them. Add to that the fact that when texting, men tend to feel much braver and are more likely to speak their mind since they’re not talking face to face with the woman they like.

Text messaging may, at times, aid the communication process, however there are still those who can’t read between the lines. If you struggle to understand what women are saying to you, here are 10 text messages you might get from a woman who’s trying to indicate that she’s just not interested in you. Some of these examples are exaggerated, however, the concepts behind them are very realistic.

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1. The matchmaker

You’re interested in her. She knows you’re interested in her…and she tries to set you up with someone else anyway. Take the hint. She’s trying to get your attention off of her. She’s just not interested in you. If she were, why would she try to get you together with someone else?

2. She asks you to talk to other guys for her.

This is very similar to the one above. It’s simple, really. If she uses you to chase another guy, it means she’s either not interested in you like that at all, or at the very least, she’s a lot more interested in the other guy. Either way, he’s in, and you’re out.