12 Puppies Experiencing Snow For The First Time – The Cutest Thing You Will See All Week

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Winter is in full swing here in North America, and for much of the continent, that means one thing: snow. So why not combine it with something everyone absolute loves? Puppies! Am I right? Even better, puppies’ first time in snow! There are but a few things cuter than that.

Let’s face it. Puppies make everything cuter, better, and more fun to watch. It’s like they know how much we love watching them do silly puppy things. So here it is. These 12 puppies just had their first encounter with snow, and their reactions are absolutely priceless.

1. This ice princess

2. Wondering what snow tastes like

3. This worried little pup is not so comfortable in the cold.

4. Did I do it right?

Instagram: @wafflenugget

5. Fur ball having fun

6. Running free

7. I can has some more?

8. “What?”

9. Fully immersed

10. Curious and cuddly

Twitter: @abbiegrias1

11. Elbow deep

12. Very excited first-timer

(via BuzzFeed)

Funny how some of these pups would clearly rather stay indoors while others wanted to experience the snow to the fullest possible extent.