12 Realistic Imaginings Of Disney Villains That Will DEFINITELY Cause Nostalgia

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Even if you’ve lived your whole life under a rock and have never seen a Disney film all the way through, you’ve probably at least seen video clips of one or two of their many famous movies. Who can forget the adventures of Aladdin or the magic of Beauty and the Beast? Behind the admirable protagonists of Disney, there is nearly always a devilish villain cause trouble.

Have you ever wondered what these villains would look like in real life? Well, these amazing re-imaginings, created by illustrator Jirka Vinse Jonatan Väätäinen, are sure to help your imagination!

1. Cruella De Vil

2. Hades

3. Jafar

4. Maleficent

5. Vanessa

6. Mother Gothel

7. Ursula

8. Captain Hook

9. Evil Queen

10. Gaston

11. Prince Hans

12. Judge Claude Frollo


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No matter how we may imagine these characters, it’s always fun seeing artists renditions of well-known villains. These creations make most of the villains look even more threatening than they are in the films!