Ryan Reynolds Celebrated His Birthday With Blake Lively In THE MOST Romantic Way Ever

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Just when you thought there were no happy endings for celebrity couples, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively stopped to show everyone that true love is real! Despite the odds that the pair face on a regular basis, Reynolds and Lively are a couple that just seems to scream “relationship goals.”

Reynolds recently celebrated his 40th birthday with Lively, the woman he refers to as the love of his life. They celebrated his special day in their favorite restaurant, and it was so romantic that it’s sure to just melt your heart.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are the sweetest celebrity couple.


Nicholas Hunt / Getty Images

This super cute photo of the pair was uploaded to Lively’s Instagram.

Based on the caption, it seems the two have many fond memories of the restaurant.


Instagram: @BlakeLively

If you look closely at the photo in Reynolds’ hand, they’re posing the exact same way! No wonder T-Swift is in tears over how adorable they are.


Instagram: @BlakeLively

(via BuzzFeed)

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are a celebrity pair that are sure to share many more birthdays together, and we certainly hope that this hilarious couple lives on!