14 Strict Rules Required Of All Disney Employees

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Disney sets very high standards for their employees, and why shouldn’t they?  They’re a multi-billion dollar company and their theme parks are typically heralded by visitors as the happiest, most magical place on earth. After all, they have to keep those huge parks safe and fun for the millions of visitors who pass through them each year.

Aside from the exciting rides, the breathtaking attractions, the parades and the food, Disney is known for implementing very strict rules that all employees have to follow. Breaking any of these rules is a no-no, and they’re a big part of the secret behind the amusement parks’ success. Check out these 14 rules below:

1. Short, simple, and unpainted nails are a must.


Nails can be no longer than 1/4″ past the tip of the finger and clear is the only kind of polish allowed.

2. For many of the characters, you must look the part, including being the right size.


This means if you’re portraying one of Disney’s famed princesses, you’re required to resemble her, right down to your height and figure.

3. You’re referred to as a “cast member” and not an employee.


4. Actors who portray Disney characters must practice their signatures to keep them uniform.


They actually undergo training to learn how to sign the various autographs in consistent form.

5. Visible tattoos are strictly forbidden.


We think Ariel with full sleeve tattoos would be an interesting sight.

6. First names are used to maintain friendliness.


Last names aren’t used among employees in the park.

7. You’ll get fired for talking about your job on social media.


Let’s be honest. More workplaces should probably implement this one.

8. Your hairstyle will vary depending on the role you’re in.


This one’s pretty obvious though, isn’t it?

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