15 Times Photographers Used Shadows To Create Artistic Photos

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As most people who have ever snapped a picture quickly learned, shadows can ruin photographs. Even with the ability to retake photos as many times as you want with smartphones these days, sometimes the shadows are unavoidable, and the photo still doesn’t come out the way you hoped.

However, did you know that shadows can also be used to enhance photos? It’s true. We have 15 examples below which serve as excellent examples. Each one has been naturally enhanced by photographing the subject in a shadow, creating interesting affects and overlays such as sunbursts, floral prints, and much more.

Shadows often look like a filter has been applied to a photo.

They can be elegant.

And they can give an interesting and unique twist to photos.

Shadows can be used to add dramatic effect too.

Here’s a shadow being used to emulate henna.

There’s almost no end to the affects that can be created with shadows.

Stocking or shadow?


How cool is this?

Playing with shadows awaken your imagination.

Why bother with filters when you can be truly creative?

These photographers have created real works of art.

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It’s pretty impressive what you can do with shadows in photography. Have you ever (intentionally) tried your hand at shadow photography?