17 Amazing Alternate Uses For Hair Conditioner

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People often use hair conditioner to keep their hair smooth, silky, and soft to the touch. Adding just a pea-sized amount of conditioner can do wonders for your locks. But did you know that it has other uses that don’t have anything to do with your hair?

You’ll be surprised at how useful this common bathroom item really is. Check it out below!

1. Conditioners can be used as dry cleaning alternative. Soak your clothes in a mixture of water with a tablespoon of conditioner then hang to dry.

2. Conditioner can also help restore shrunken clothes to their original size.

3. Dilute conditioner in water and spray it on your laundry to serve as a freshener.

4. Use hair conditioner as a substitute for fabric conditioner.

5. Use conditioner to hand wash your lingerie to keep them soft and comfortable.

6. Protect your leather boots especially in the snow by applying conditioner to them.

7. Use conditioner to remove eye makeup.

8. Conditioners can also serve as shaving cream.

9. Make your cuticles stand out by applying conditioner on the skin.

10. Add conditioner whenever you wash your brushes to soften them.

11. Grease your old door hinges with conditioner.

12. Add conditioner to prevent zippers from being sticky.

13. Remove rings easily by adding conditioner to water and use it as lubricant.

14. Keep your tools rust-free by applying conditioner over them.

15. Conditioners can be used to remove clogs in drains.

16. Add conditioner on the ends of your dry hair to keep it from frizzing.

17. Peel off bandages easily and painlessly by rubbing conditioner over the bandage before removal.

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Who knew hair conditioner could have so many uses?