9 Photography Hacks To Make Your Friends Jealous Of Your “Love Life”

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Rain Yokohama was apparently pretty tired of people thinking he didn’t have a girlfriend, so he decided to do something about it. It probably wasn’t what you think. You see, he didn’t go out and get a girlfriend. He faked it.

Now that may sound a bit sad, at first. However, the lengths he went to in order to make it appear that he had a girlfriend are pretty hilarious. It’s still sad, maybe more so considering all of his effort, but it’s hilarious. Here’s how he did it.

Rain Yokohama found a way to fool people into thinking he has a girlfriend.

He did it by using only his phone and a lot of creativity.

Looking at these shots makes it pretty believable that he has a girlfriend.

But he staged everything.

He created an imaginary girlfriend using nothing but simple props.

He even painted his nails for some of the photos.

He definitely put in a lot of effort though.

And he did a lot of acting.

(via BoredPanda)

If you need people to leave you alone about not having a girlfriend, here’s one idea for making it happen!