This Selfless New Mom Donates 295 Ounces of Breast Milk

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Breast milk is very rich in nutrients that are essential for baby’s growth and development. In fact, experts advise breastfeeding children up to two years old, and in some cases, even longer. Unfortunately, not all moms can produce milk.

Others simply don’t produce enough milk, so they have to resort to infant formula which some say isn’t as healthy as the real thing. Ashley Clifford is a first time mother, and she wanted to be able to not only feed her new daughter, but to donate some milk as well. And that’s just what she did.

This is Ashley Clifford, a first time mother.

 She breastfeeds her daughter and wanted to share some of her milk with other moms who can’t produce it.

Here’s her daughter with 295 ounces of breast milk that Clifford pumped to share with others.

She added that nursing and pumping has been a lot of hard work and has led to many sleepless night, but that didn’t stop her.

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Clifford serves as a good example to other breastfeeding moms out there. If you have more than enough, why not share, right? There are many milk banks where you can send your donations to benefit others.