After Eating Their Cat’s Ice Cream, This Girl Gets Sent On A HILARIOUS Guilt Trip

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There are cats who get treated like they’re cats. And then there are cats who get treated like royalty. This is one of those cats. Turns out she was getting a little treat every night as sort of a “nightcap”. Turns out it had become kind of a big deal.

Jenny Katz from Burbank, California has a cat named Coco. Recently, she ate the last of the vanilla ice cream out of the freezer. She then found out that it was intended for Coco, and her Mom sent her on a guilt trip over it. Check out their hilarious conversation below.

20-year-old Jenny ate vanilla ice cream from their freezer one day.


Jenny Katz

She didn’t know it belonged to someone else.


Jenny Katz

It seemed that her mom had been feeding the family cat, Coco, vanilla ice cream every night.

She insisted that Coco is just a cat.

Her mom insisted it was Coco’s.

Jenny posted their conversation on Twitter and it went viral.

Don’t worry, Jenny and Coco are still best friends.


Jenny Katz

Meanwhile, she promised her mom and Coco more vanilla ice cream to make up for what she’d eaten.


Jenny Katz

(via 22Words)

The next time you get something out of the fridge or freezer, be sure it doesn’t belong to anybody else, especially your cat. Otherwise, you might be made to feel guilty about the whole thing, and your cat will be there to constantly remind you of the wrong you made. Oh, and the internet will have a field day with it.