This Restaurant Just Released Limited Edition Pokémon Burgers

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Pokémon Go is still all the rage around the world. The cartoon series and video games had already won the hearts of millions, so when the game was released recently, nearly everyone grabbed their phone, downloaded the app and started started trying to catch ’em all.

Now, if you’re in Australia, you have a new option for enjoying the Pokémon craze. A burger joint based in Sydney wanted to join in the fun, so they recently released their very own Pokémon-inspired burgers.

Down N’ Out  created three Pokémon-inspired burgers.

Pikachu, Charmander, and Bulbasaur are the latest burgers in town.

At $15 each you can have a taste of these burgers which will be around until September 3 only.

The burgers are served with a Pokécard that tells you what the burger’s made of.

It took them four weeks and lots of experimenting to perfect these burgers.

(via 22Words)

It seems surprising that nowhere in the States has done something like this yet. Or perhaps they have, but we definitely haven’t heard about it. Anyway, we have plenty of readers in Australia, so you guys check these out. If you eat one, report back and let us know about it! Gotta eat ’em all!