You Will Be Amazed When You Find Out What This Woman Uses To Knit

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There’s an old tradition in Arctic cultures called Chiengora. It’s the practice of spinning a dog’s fur into yarn which is then used to create fabric for clothing. That may sound a little odd at first, but think about it. Have you ever lost a pet?

Some people are using this now as a way to remain close close to a dog who passed away. A company called Knit Your Dog, formed by a woman named Jeannie Sanke, is creating things like sweaters, scarves and more from dog hair that pet owners send them. And don’t worry, the hair is put through an extensive cleaning process first.

Knit Your Dog is a company that turns dog fur into clothing.

Jeannie Sanke’s company collects dogs’ undercoats, and then cleans them thoroughly to remove odors.

They spin the cleaned hair into sweaters, hats, scarves, gloves, and more. This is actually an old practice called Chiengora in Arctic cultures.

They can even use hair from short-haired dogs by adding sheep or alpaca wool to it.

The more fur collected from the dog, the more elaborate are the clothing options.

Ponchos are one of Sanke’s best selling items.

She even makes clothes for dogs themselves.

You can check out more creations at their Facebook page.

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If you like these then next time you have your dog groomed, you may want to think twice before throwing away your dog’s fur. Who would’ve thought you can make something practical out of it?