Amazing Photos Of A Beautiful Covered Plaza Created From Rusted Ship

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For most of us, old, rusty ships are better left where they’re found. After all, they no longer serve any useful purpose. Then again, most of us aren’t highly creative architects either. For one architectural firm, a ship’s imperfections served as an inspiration for them to create something stunning out of it. Check out what Korean-based Shinslab Architecture did to it.

Shinslab Architecture chopped off a portion of an old rusty ship.


Then they turned it upside down.


Using their skill and imagination, they built a pavilion which they named ‘Temp’L’.


Visitors will be amazed at what they find inside.


There are trees, benches where visitors can rest, and spiral stairs that give way to a balcony.


It’s as much an artwork as it is anything else.


Their creation won this year’s MoMA’s Young Architects Program.


(via BoredPanda)

Who would’ve thought this rusty old ship could be transformed into an award-winning structure? It just goes to show what a little creativity and ingenuity can accomplish.