Top 9 Health Advantages Of A Daily Serving Of Watermelon

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In the heat of summer, we sweat easily and lose fluids much faster than usual. We need to drink lots of water to replenish thirst and stay hydrated. In addition to drinking water, another healthy option is to eat watermelon. This succulent red fruit is loaded with vitamins and minerals such as lycopene and vitamin C which are not only essential to keeping you hydrated but also keep your body healthy. Check out the major health advantages that watermelon has to offer.


1. Skincare


Why pay for expensive moisturizers when you can eat watermelon and achieve better results? This fruit is believed to promote the growth of body tissue, thus your skin looks moisturized and rejunivinated.

2. A healthy heart


Organic Facts has reported that the lycopene found in watermelon can greatly improve cardiac functions. Other things found in watermelon, such as vitamin C and potassium aid in reducing cholesterol and protecting the heart from other conditions.

3. Healthy eyes


According to, watermelon is rich in vitamin A which can help prevent macular degeneration and night blindness.

4. Healthy blood pressure


Organic Facts reported that the significant amount of potassium and magnesium present in watermelons can help reduce blood pressure.

5. Lowers the risk of developing asthma


Medical News Today reports that one’s chances of developing asthma can be lowered by the substantial amount of vitamin C that’s found in watermelon, and that along with watermelon’s other nutrients can help to improve overall lung health, potentially benefiting those who already suffer from asthma.

6. Helps prevent prostate cancer


According to the National Cancer Institute, the lycopene present in watermelon can also help to prevent prostate cancer.

7. Helps prevent muscle soreness


One study, as pointed out by Dr. Joseph Mercola, reported that drinking watermelon juice before working out promotes reduced muscle soreness in the 24 hour period after the workout. He suggested it may be best to eat the whole fruit, rather than just drink the juice, do to high fructose content in watermelon juice.

8. Promotes better bone health


Lycopene and potassium, which are present in watermelon, can strengthen joints and bones, helping to protect one from injuries and bone deterioration

9. Healthy kidneys


According to, watermelon “eases strain on the kidneys while getting rid of excess fluids.” Keeping the kidneys healthy can help to prevent issues such as kidney stones, the passing of which can be an incredibly painful experience.

(via LittleThings)

Watermelon is a must-have anytime it’s in season. It tastes delicious and has numerous health benefits which you shouldn’t miss out on, so begin adding some into your daily diet right away!