This Artist’s Doodles Capture Rich People’s Showers And How Absurd They Are

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Rich people are known for displaying their wealth in many ways. They buy expensive cars and jewelry, own multiple lavish estates, and splurge on just about anything, including their bathrooms. Some have showers that are big as your bedroom (or bigger!) with fixtures that look like they’d require diagrams to use them properly.

An artist on Tumblr who goes by Artxauroraxart added hilarious doodles to pictures of rich people’s showers to better illustrate just how ridiculous they can be. Good luck trying to get through these pictures without laughing!

Is this a car wash for people?

This looks like it would start spinning while you’re in it.

Do you like showering with bugs, birds, and perhaps snakes or rodents?

I wonder if this shower also plays techno music.

Fire and rain

For those who enjoy freezing when not under the water

Is anyone else concerned about the color of this water?

Why is there even a shower head to the side?

Steps. You know, so you can workout your calves while you shower.

(via BoredPanda)

Why help to feed the hungry or donate money for research and fighting diseases when you can spend that money on huge bathrooms in your four mansions, each with ten shower heads that will simultaneously spray you with water?