What Happened To This Mother And Her Child On A Flight Is ABSURD

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Flying first-class definitely has its perks. For starters, there is the opportunity to enjoy far more leg room than economy passengers. Despite the comfort, it seems that flying first-class also has its downsides.

Mother and fashion blogger Arielle Charnas decided to fly first class on Delta Airlines with her eight-month-old baby, Ruby, back in December. Given that there would be more space for Charnas and her baby, first class was the best option for the pair. It was Ruby’s first time flying and when she started to cry, things took an unexpected turn.

Meet Arielle and her daughter, Ruby.

Charnas flew with Ruby for the first time back in December.

She and her husband bought first-class tickets from Delta.

Ruby started crying once they were seated, and passengers were visibly annoyed.

Moments later, a flight attendant requested that the pair move to the back of the plane.

Charnas was taken by surprise and refused to move, soon becoming so upset that she cried.

Thankfully, Ruby calmed down when the plane took off and slept the entire flight.

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Delta Airlines reached out to Arielle’s husband to apologize and offered to refund their $300 tickets. Charnas says that she appreciated the gesture, but the damage was already done.