This Barbershop Gives Discounts On Haircuts For Kids If They Read Aloud To The Barber

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In order to help encourage and develop literacy among children, a barbershop called “The Fuller Cut” in Ypsilanti, Michigan offers discounts to kids who read out loud while they’re getting their hair cut.

Barber Bryan Griffin and owner Alex Fuller said that both teachers and parents love what they’re doing because it encourages the children to read, promotes literacy, and is helping to build stronger children.

A barbershop in Michigan has a very creative idea to encourage reading among children.

They offer this to their young customers.

It’s their way of promoting literacy.

And it helps to develop a love for reading among kids.

Parents and teachers are grateful for what The Fuller Cut is doing.

Ryan Griffin, the barber who had the idea, recognizes that reading doesn’t come as easily for some kids as it does for others.

He realizes that some children are afraid to read out loud and others just struggle with reading altogether.

This is one barbershop who’s giving back to the community.

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The Fuller Cut is receiving numerous compliments from the community. A Frederick Douglas quote is the heart of this idea: “It is easier to build strong children than repair broken men.”