This Guy In Atlanta Is Living Out His Dream Of Being A Merman

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While most boys dream of growing up to be professional athletes, firemen, or astronauts, this 24-year-old guy always wanted to become a mermaid (or a merman, as it were). Eric Montel of Atlanta is a self-proclaimed mermaid lover.

Ever since he was young, he’s always admired mermaids whom he believes to be the “oldest mythical creature known to man”. In 2012, Montel got his first tail and now works as a professional merman.

Eric Montel fell in love with mermaids when he was little.


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He got his first tail in 2012.

He’s been working as a professional merman for a couple of years now.

He works parties and various special events.

He does so under the name Rasta Merman Blix.

He likes the freedom that mermaids have, and how they can be charming and dangerous at the same time.

He said that being a merman has taught him not to care about what other people think, and he hopes skin color won’t stop people from following their dreams.

For more, here’s a video on the topic:

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Montel is an inspiration not only to those who want to work as mermaids/mermen, but also to those who also have what society might consider an unusual dream that they want to fulfill.