FBI Reveals America’s 10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods

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The U.S. has some amazing cities, many of which are home to tourist destinations like historic landmarks, chic restaurants, boutique shops, and luxurious hotels. BoredWon’s own home of Charleston, SC is a great example, being acclaimed this year as not only Best City in the Country, but also Best City in the World.

However, like anywhere else, the U.S. is not immune to blight and poverty, and the crime that comes with it. There are neighborhoods across the country – including in cities that aren’t bad overall – that are too dangerous to even live in (Charleston is no exception here). Here are the 10 worst.

Baltimore, MD — Druid Hill Ave / Laurens St.

More than one Baltimore neighborhood made this list. The common denominator between them is poverty.

Tulsa, OK — E Mowawk Blvd / N Cincinnati Ave

There are 7,886 incidents of violent crimes in this area per 100,000 individuals.

East St. Louis, IL — City Center

There are almost daily reports of gunfire, and 80 out of every 1,000 people are involved in violence.

Detroit, Michigan — W. Warren Ave / Mckinley St

Every year here, the chances are 1 in 13 that you’ll be the victim of a violent crime.

Baltimore, MD — W Mulberry St / N Fremont Ave

This neighborhood sees 9,379 violent crimes for every 100,000 residents.

Pittsburgh, PA — Chicago St / Mount Pleasant Rd

Abandoned houses are common in this area – 1 in 3 are empty. Poverty and crime are rampant through the neighborhood.

Camden, NJ — Ferry Ave / S 8th St

Your odds of being a victim of a violent crime are 1 in 11 in this neighborhood.

Houston, TX — Scott St / Wilmington St

Home to several dense housing projects and low-income apartment buildings, this neighborhood is a hotbed of crime.

Memphis, TN — E. Eh Crump Blvd / S 4th St

Drugs and poverty are rampant in this area and have led to high crime rates.

Memphis, TN — E Mclemore Ave / Latham St

Many residents here have turned to crime due to the fact that there’s almost no local economy.

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These neighborhoods have the highest crime rates in the United States, per the FBI. Most, if not all of them, sadly, have no prospect of improving any time soon due to lack of means for improving local infrastructure and industry.