You Won’t Believe What This Man Uses To Create Art And Even Jewelry

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Artists use many different mediums in making interesting creations. There are those who use canvas and paint while some use wood, metal, or other materials in making genius works of art that are coveted by many.

Here’s a much different spin though. Zane Wylie doesn’t use a canvas…or wood or metal…or any of the other traditional mediums. He uses skulls. That’s right – human skulls. And while a bit on the creepy side, they’re also pretty impressive. Check out his works below.

This is a human skull that has been turned into art.

This is Zane Wylie, and this is what he does.

He’s doing quite well with it, too.

He has even done props for movies.

He also has clients who have their orders delivered to their doorsteps.

However, he can’t deliver to New York, Georgia, Louisiana, or Tennessee, due to state laws preventing delivery of skulls.

Perhaps you’re wondering where he gets his skulls.

Wylie doesn’t let on but assures it’s not from anything illegal.

He also makes jewelry from human skulls.


(via 22Words)

Wylie may be using the creepiest medium imaginable for creating art and jewelry, but it’s pretty obvious that this guy is really good at what he does.