These Brothers’ Pug Went Missing And The Story Is Crazy And Amusing

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For many dog owners, their dog is a part of their family. Luke Neville and his brother, James, are roommates, and they have a pug named Bella. The trio have been living in Culburra, New South Wales, Australia for a year. One weekend, Bella suddenly went missing, and the brothers panicked.

Luke didn’t waste time and quickly posted on Facebook that Bella was missing, along with a photo of the pug. It wasn’t long before the word spread, and a friend brought a pug to the brothers thinking it was Bella. But it it turned out, it was Not-Bella…

Luke and James are brothers who live with their dog, Bella.

Bella is an adorable pug.

One day, Bella sneaked out of the house and went missing.

The brothers posted on Facebook about their missing dog. Meanwhile, a friend saw a pug on a “found dog” sign and thinking it was Bella, took it and brought it to Luke’s house.

It turned out that it wasn’t Bella.

He posted about it on Facebook, hoping to find the dog’s real owner.

They called her “Not-Bella”.

Not-Bella stayed with them for the night.

Luke enjoyed hanging out with her but also wondered where the real Bella was.

Finally, he spoke with a ranger at a dog pound who said they found a dog that matches Bella’s description.

Meanwhile, Not-Bella’s owner was also found.

Luke took a picture of Bella and Not-Bella as a reminder of the hilarious story of his missing pug.

(via BuzzFeed)

What a wild ride for these pugs. Luckily, both dogs had a happy ending.