What This Mom Painted In Her Daughter’s Bedroom Will Make Any Disney Fan Jealous

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Nearly every child has ideas for their dream bedroom–some enjoy Hot Wheels inspired beds, while others may find more comfort in rooms inspired by their favorite characters.

This mom took room renovating to the next level with this Tangled inspired mural. This impressive work of art would surely captivate any Rapunzel fan, and bring out the inner child of Disney lovers.

Take a look and try not to feel jealous!

Jennifer Treece is a painter.

She created this gorgeous mural in her daughter’s bedroom.

Treece and her daughter were inspired by Disney’s Tangled.

Treece had the movie playing on a loop while working on the mural.

She said that by the time she was done, she had memorized all the lines.

The mural was painted throughout January and February.

As the finishing touch, Treece added in Rapunzel and her beau.

Here’s Rapunzel’s signature braid.

And here’s the finished product.

What Disney fan wouldn’t love sleeping in this bedroom?

(via BoredPanda)

Jennifer Treece created an amazing mural for her daughter who is sure to adore this enchanting bedroom for years to come!