China’s Richest Kid Bought His Dog Not One…But 8 New Iphones

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Being a rich kid has its numerous perks. Apparently, one of those perks is being able to show off your wealth just for the sake of showing off. Of course, there are many ways of doing this. Some buy exotic cars, others spend on lavish jewelry or expensive designer clothes.

Our case in point today, however, is Wang Sicong. He’s the 28 year old son of the richest man in China – a real estate investor worth an estimated $30 billion. As most terrestrial beings are now aware, Apple released the iPhone 7 about a week ago. Wang, in his effort to show off his wealth as he now become known for doing, purchased 8 of the new smartphone…not for himself, but for his dog.

Coco is the dog of China’s richest kid, Wang Sicong.


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Wang, 28, is the son of Wang Jianlin who is a real estate mogul and China’s richest man with an estimated $30 billion net worth.

Wang enjoys showing off his wealth. In fact, he’s become quite known for showing off.


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When the new iPhone 7 came out out, he bought EIGHT of them…


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…for Coco. That’s right. 8 iPhone 7 smartphones for his dog.


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Apparently the mere one Apple watch that Wang bought Coco last year was insufficient.

Coco is one spoiled dog.


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(via BuzzFeed)

Coco is undoubtedly the richest dog in China, but we just want to see her use her iPhones. All 8 of them.