Here Is A Clever Sweater Hack So You Can Just Be Alone When You Need To Most

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Don’t you just wish that you could be invisible for a moment sometimes – alone and away from the rest of the world? And no one could find you, just for a few minutes? For some, family may prevent this from being a possibility. For others, factors like time and money prevent them from being able to do so.

The good news is, Ruth Grace created the “Leave Me Alone Sweater” which may help to give you the alone time you need, anytime, anywhere. It’s a rather clever creation which literally allows her to shut out the world. It remains to be seen how effective it is, but it certainly looks like a good idea.

This is Ruth Grace.

She invented the “leave me alone sweater”.

She said it’s more of a statement sweater.

She provided detailed instructions on how to make one.

Once you zip the sweater over your head, you can’t see anything, and no one can see your face.

(via BoredPanda)

This may just be what you need to escape from the people around you for a few minutes. It’s probably not a good idea for those who suffer claustrophobia, however.