After Being Constantly Asked When They’ll Have A Baby This Couple Came Up With The Best Answer

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It’s common for people to ask married couples when they’ll have a baby. Everybody’s looking forward to meeting the new addition to their family but sometimes, it takes a while before they finally have a child. Considering the personal nature of asking someone when they’re going to have children, and the complications that can be involved, one could argue that it’s in poor taste to even ask such a question.

A couple from Iowa who married three years ago are often bombarded with questions about when they’ll get pregnant. They don’t actually want to have children, but they’ve been reluctant to tell certain family members that, such as Carrie’s grandma, who would be heartbroken about it. Recently, they came up with a different approach – distraction.

Carrie and Nic Jansen tied the knot in 2014 after dating for 8 years.

Carrie Jansen

People are always asking when they’ll have a baby.

Recently, they got a golden retriever puppy named Leelu.

Carrie Jansen

The couple decided to do a mock baby announcement with their new pup.

This is what the announcement looked like.

Becca Loy

They included a message that stated the Jansen family is growing by four paws.

Carrie Jansen

Carrie said she’s not bothered by the questions of her family regarding having a baby.

Carrie Jansen

(via BuzzFeed)

If you too are sick and tired of answering the same old question about when you’ll have a baby, maybe distracting people from it will work for you.