Passenger Nearly Dies After Flight Attendant Refuses The Help Of A Black Female Doctor

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Here’s a story that’s bound to make your blood boil, especially if you’re a woman or a minority. Dr. Tamika Cross, a woman who also happens to be black, was recently on a flight from Detroit to Houston when an emergency situation arose that required the expertise and aid of a physician.

When Cross tried to offer help, a flight attendant didn’t believe that she was a doctor. It’s a little difficult to determine whether the flight attendant discriminated against her due to her being a woman, or due to the color of her skin, or both, but when you read Cross’ story, the discrimination certainly rings clear.

Dr. Tamika Cross is an OBGYN from Houston.

She was on board Delta flight DL945 when a passenger became unresponsive.

Instinctively, she offered help, but a flight attendant denied her.

The flight attendant didn’t believe she was a real physician.

There was a white male doctor on board, and the attendant let him take over without any questions.

Cross remained on her seat and helped out in any way she could.

The couple were thankful to her while the flight attendant apologized, offering her sky miles.

Cross refused her offer and went on to tell her story.

People sympathized with her, and her post has received over 12k likes.

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How ridiculous, right? Delta had better find a way to make this right to Tamika Cross.