She Covered A Century-Old House With Pink Crochet To Deliver An Important Message

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For some, crochet is just a hobby you do during your free time. But Polish artist, Agata Oleksiak, crochets for a very special reason. She’s popularly known as Olek or Crocheted Olek for her beautiful crochets, including a crocheted locomotive and crocheted street art.

One of her latest and most beautiful projects so far is this 100-year-old house in Finland which she covered in pink crochet with the help of women, many of them Syrian refugees. The Finnish town of Kerava, where the house is located, was bombed during the Winter War around 1940. Olek says the pink house “is a symbol of a bright future filled with hope” and of coming to together.

This is Olek, a Polish artist.

One of her projects involved covering a century old house in pink crochet.

She was assisted by Ukrainian and Syrian woman – many of them refugees.

The 100-year-old house they used in this project is located in Kerava, Finland.

The town was bombed during the Winter War circa 1940.

Today, this house is a message of hope.

It’s a symbol of a bright future.

It’s also a symbol of unity.

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The crocheting of this house aims to deliver a message. The women headed by Olek put a lot of time and work into it, and it’s standing proud, promising hope to everyone.