These Former Addicts Sought Help And Their Transformations Will Shock You

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Did you know that there more than 100 cases of death resulting from illicit drug use or overdose every day in the U.S.? Once a user gets hooked on hard drugs such as cocaine, heroin, meth, and prescription opioids such as Percocet, OxyContin, and other well known painkillers, it’s very difficult to quit.

Despite the various assistance provided for drug addicts, only a small percentage of them actually seek medical help. The Watershed recovery center encouraged former addicts to post photos from before and after they underwent treatments as part of their Change is Good campaign. Their transformation left some of them almost unrecognizable from when they were addicts.

The Watershed recovery center launched a campaign called Change is Good.

The campaign encouraged former addicts to share before and after photos.

They were surprised of the overwhelming response from former addicts.

Many shared their before and after photos such as Jarrett, who not only overcame his drug addiction, but also eating healthier.

The positive changes these people underwent were evident in the photos.

Some looked totally unrecognizable after undergoing medical help.

Some looked better and more confident than ever.

Others looked like they underwent a total makeover.

Hopefully, they’ll serve as an inspiration to drug addicts everywhere.

They’re living proof that change is indeed, good.

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The Change is Good campaign is one way to encourage addicts to seek medical help as soon as possible. It’s evident from the photos how these people’s lives changed for the better after their treatments. Hopefully, they will serve as an inspiration to current addicts.