This Dog’s Hilarious New Haircut Will Leave You Laughing Out Loud

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Dogs, especially those that belong to a family of long-haired breeds like shih tzu, require regular haircut. This is one way for them to maintain their soft, shiny, and smooth coat. However, regular trips to the groomer can become rather expensive. In fact, in many cases, your dog’s grooming costs more than your regular haircut.

This is exactly what bothered one particular family which owns a shih tzu. In order to solve the problem, the father told the groomer to shave everything except for their dog’s ears and tail. The result? Find out below and try not to laugh.

Meet Mimi. She visits the groomer regularly for a haircut.


Josh Pitruzzella / Via Twitter: @JoshPit40

According to her owner, Josh Pitruzzella, a trim would often cost up to $150.

So one day Josh’s dad took Mimi to the groomer and told them to shave everything except for the ears and tail.


Josh Pitruzella

The shave only cost $35.


Josh Pitruzzella

When Josh saw Mimi again, he described her as a”rat on meth”.


Twitter: @JoshPit40

He posted pictures of Mimi online and many reacted to her new haircut.


Josh Pitruzzella

Josh said Mimi is a very good dog and that she seems okay with her new look.


Josh Pitruzzella

It looks like she’s planning her next move though, and it doesn’t look good.


Twitter: @skyluuhhh

(via Buzzfeed)

Some have said this is a normal summer cut for a shih tzu. The Pitruzzellas will definitely save money for the next few months as Mimi won’t need to visit the groomer again anytime soon. We’d like to know what Mimi really thinks about her new look. If only dogs could talk.