His Esophagus Is Weak So They Made A Special Puppy High Chair For Him

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Even though all puppies are born adorable, they’re not all born perfect. Some pups are born with congenital health problems. Eli, a puppy from Idaho is one of them.

This 7-month-old puppy was diagnosed with having a constricted esophagus, meaning that food could’t easily pass through his throat to his stomach. This caused Eli to be underweight. He was handed over to Ada Animal Hospital where he was adopted by his new owner, Savannah, a veterinary assistant there, and they set out to solve Eli’s condition.

This is 7-month-old Eli.


Candy Sherwin

He suffered from constricted esophagus.

He was sent to Ada Animal Hospital.


Candy Sherwin

His new owner, Savannah, and the hospital crowdfunded a surgery to repair his condition.

Even after surgery, he suffered from regurgitation problems because of his weakened muscles.


Candy Sherwin

He underwent another surgery, but Savannah was worried about what life would be like for him going forward.

That’s when they discovered something called the bailey chair.

Candy Sherwin

The bailey chair is basically a high chair for dogs which will make it easier to feed Eli and could even help his condition improve.

A carpenter friend of the hospital volunteered to make him a custom chair.


Candy Sherwin

The chair has armrests and an interchangeable bowl. It will allow Eli to eat while standing which will help the food pass from his mouth to his stomach more efficiently.

He spent the first few days getting used to his new chair but is now very comfortable in it.


Candy Sherwin

Eli can even get into the chair by himself now, and he likes it so much that he’ll even go to sleep in it.


Candy Sherwin

(via BuzzFeed)

In the first month since getting the chair, Eli’s weight has increased by 20%.  Here’s hoping the little guy lives a long and healthy life.