First Family Picture Of These New Parents Is The Cutest Ever

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Nothing can compare to the pain, discomfort, and stress a pregnant woman experiences when delivering her baby into this world. Months of anticipation and excitement commence the moment you give birth and see your baby for the first time ever.

When new mom, Thaise De Mari, delivered her baby after a C-section, she immediately took a selfie with her daughter and husband. The delight on both new parents’ faces is evident as they see their newborn baby for the first time.

Thaise De Mari took a selfie together with her newborn baby and husband immediately after the baby’s birth.

She posted the photo on Instagram where it went viral.

In the selfie, the new parents’ joy is obvious.

It picture perfectly captures the bliss of being a new parent.

This family will have many more happy selfies together.

(via BoredPanda)

The selfie displays the pure joy of motherhood. It shows that after all the pain, the happiness you feel afterwards is beyond words.