This Genius Kid Is Taking Organic Chemistry In College, And He’s Only 11!

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There is a very broad spectrum of intelligence levels between what classifies one as below average and what classifies one as a genius. Just the I.Q. range that qualifies one as “average” is 85-114. The amount of people who are blessed with an I.Q. that meets the minimum to be a legitimate genius (145 I.Q.) are very few, while 70% fall in that “average” range.

With that said, there will always be those who are smarter than you. However, it’s a different story when an 11-year-old boy is one of your college classmates. Daniel Liu is a child prodigy who was able to accelerate to high school and is taking organic chemistry at he University of Toledo in Ohio at the young age of 11. He’s gone viral, and why not? He might just be the smartest kid in the world.

Meet 11-year-old child genius Daniel Liu.

He’s already in high school and is taking college courses too.

He’s currently taking organic chemistry in college.

He met President Barack Obama after winning the $10,000 scholarship at the White House Science Fair.

He has also met Bill Nye the Science Guy.

He’s gone super-viral on Twitter with people everywhere amazed by his intellect.


Fame is self-propagating: it brings more fame.


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At 11, he is accomplishing things that most people don’t until they’re several years older than he is. Liu has a very bright future ahead of him.