This Girl Who Used To Get Bullied Is Now A Rising Model

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A lot of young women are very conscious about how they look. Many go to all sorts of troubles just to achieve what society considers beautiful: hours are spent putting makeup on, and hundreds are spent on clothing and trips to the hair salon for the perfect look.

For many women, one of the biggest obstacles in the way of attaining that perfect look just so happens to be the eyebrows. When waxing and plucking just aren’t enough, makeup companies offer brow pencils to give just the right shape.

This 17-year-old was born with very thick eyebrows and refuses to change to fit society’s standards. As a result, her friends and classmates bully her. Luckily she has learned to embrace her brows and now has a modeling contract!

Meet Natalia Castellar.

Her very thick and dark eyebrows are her most distinguishable feature.

She was bullied because of their thickness.

As it turned out, her eyebrows are her greatest asset.

She once wanted to shave them, but now she is so glad that she didn’t.

She recently got a contract with NEXT Models.

So far, she has posed for NARS and Mansur Gavriel.

Castellar says that her eyebrows are her trademark.

She is now much more confident with her looks.

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Sometimes, the only true happiness with one’s appearance comes through embracing the features we are born with. What someone may consider a flaw, another may consider a treasure! Taking Natalia Castellar’s story as inspiration, it is clear that anyone can change beauty standards.