The Man Who Saved A Cat From Freezing To Death Is Now An Internet Hero

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During winter months, animals do whatever they can in order to keep themselves warm. One way to protect themselves against the cold includes sleeping beneath vehicles or crawling beneath houses.

Last month, a Russian man named Sergey Baranov discovered a cat had frozen to the icy ground outside his house. As any humane person would, Baranov went over to the cat and did his best to free the critter from freezing to death. The story went viral, and now the internet loves Baranov.

Last month,  Sergey Baranov saw this cat outside his house.

Upon closer inspection, he realized the poor cat’s feet and tail were frozen to the ground.

Baranov and his wife poured warm water over the cat until he finally came free.

Once freed, the Baranov’s bundled the cat in blankets and rushed him to the vet.

Although the cat lost part of his tail, he gained a new family with the Baranov’s.

A video of the rescue was uploaded to YouTube, where many people showed their admiration for the Baranovs.

You can watch the full video of Seymon’s rescue below.

(via BuzzFeed)

Seymon the cat is now being taken care of by the couple that rescued him. The story of the Baranovs and their new feline friend is inspiring people all over the world to be just as compassionate. Perhaps there’s still hope for humanity.