The Mysterious Disappearance Of This Irish Village Puzzles Researchers

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There have been a number of mysterious group disappearances throughout history, one of the most notable and more recent instances being the early-American Roanoke colony. However, what happened at Keem Bay on Achill Island, Ireland is so perplexing that researchers are still looking for answers to this day.

The village was once filled with 40 houses and is said to have been established in 1838. Today, all that remains of the village are mounds of dirt and ruins, and no one seems to know the story behind what happened.

Achill Island is one of the many gorgeous islands of Ireland.

It is home to Keem Bay, where a village once thrived after being formed in 1838.

Where 40 houses once stood, there are now ruins.

This Irish village simply vanished, and no one knows the details.

There are no solid records of the village at Keem Bay.

Students at the Achill Archaeological Field School suggest that the village may have been intentionally destroyed.

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The details of the Keem Bay village have left people scratching their heads. According to a group of student researchers, it may be that the village was intentionally destroyed from the inside, or at the hands of outside visitors. Regardless, the mystery of Keem Bay is a fascinating story for researchers to unfold.