His Love For Harry Potter Inspired Him To Make This Magical Nursery For His Baby

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Harry Potter will go down in history as one of the most unforgettable book series ever. The books, movies, and merchandise have created a multi-billion dollar empire with millions upon millions of fans. Many of these fans express their love for the magical world by having a Harry Potter-themed birthday party, newborn photo shoot, or wedding. This dad used inspiration from Harry Potter to do something magical for his son. He turned a room in their house into a nursery that every Potterhead out there will be jealous of.

Take a look at this magical Harry Potter-themed nursery.

harry_potter_nursery3Kaycee Daniel‎

It was created by a huge Harry Potter fan for his 7 month old baby boy.

harry_potter_nursery2Kristi Lee Photography

He knew that he wanted to do this as soon as his wife, Kaycee, told him she was pregnant. She wasn’t so keen on the idea at first, saying “At first I wasn’t sure, to be honest, but after him showing me some ideas, I came around to the idea.”

According to the mother, the nursery took three months to finish.

harry_potter_nursery1Kaycee Daniel‎

It features a breathtaking and very realistic mural done by a friend.

harry_potter_nursery4Kaycee Daniel‎

It includes impressive paintings of both Dobby and Sir Codogan in beautiful frames.

Kaycee Daniel‎

A collection of other Harry Potter memorabilia completes the whole room.

harry_potter_nursery7Kaycee Daniel‎

Kaycee is very happy that she agreed to the idea, saying “I walk into the room every morning and I still can’t believe it is in our house!”

(via Buzzfeed)

This dad is brilliant for coming up with this whimsical nursery. His love for Harry Potter is certainly reflected in the way he designed the room. Parents everywhere who are Harry Potter fans are going to be jealous, and their kids are going to wonder why they didn’t have awesome, themed rooms like this one!