He Hilariously Pranked His Mom By Replacing Family Photos With THESE

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American actor and director, Steve Buscemi, is well known for his talent, his unique charm, his big round eyes and his toothy smile. He’s now also known for this story that’s going viral in which his photos are a prop in a hilarious prank

Kevin Manion of Wisconsin decided to play the prank on his mom. He began replacing family photos around the house with those of Buscemi, and as he did so, it was documented on Twitter by his sister, Clare. Though other family members noticed the switch early on, his mom didn’t discover it until the fifth day.

Kevin played the prank on his mom by replacing one family photo each day with a photo of Steve Buscemi.

His sister, Clare, documented the whole thing on Twitter and soon, many were cheering Kevin on.

Their dad noticed the switch on the second day.

But their mom didn’t discover it until day 5.

She noticed from a distance that something was off with her son’s senior photo, and when she saw up close that it was Buscemi’s face on the frame, she laughed hysterically.

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In the end, they all had a good laugh about the unique prank. Have you or someone you know pulled off a creative prank lately?