This Cat Had A Secret That Her Owner Discovered Thanks To A Note Attached To Her Collar

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It’s no secret that cats love the outdoors. They’ll sit by the window looking at the outside world for hours. Oftentimes, they’ll take the first chance they get to race out of the house.

One cat owner, SliceofToast on imgur, has a cat named Nala. Just like other kitties out there, she loves going outside. But it turns out she does more than just climb trees or chase after birds when she’s outside. Find out how her owner discovered her little secret.


One day, her owner found a note attached to Nala’s collar and was surprised to find out what was written in it.

Turned out Nala visits a neighbor’s house regularly.

The owner was happy to know that their neighbors were concerned about Nala and promised to send a note back to them.

(via Imgur)

It’s good to know that there are people who care about their neighbors animals rather than just calling animal control services to come pick the animal up. Nala is very lucky to have kind neighbors, but she sure doesn’t know how to keep a secret!