Istanbul Keeps Strays Warm During Its Worst Snowstorm

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As tragic as it may be, there are many stray animals throughout the world. This fact becomes even more heartbreaking when the weather makes drastic changes, as the strays have nowhere to go.

Istanbul was recently hit with a terrible snowstorm, leaving many strays out in dangerously cold conditions. Thankfully, there are kindhearted individuals who have opened the doors of their shops in order to provide safety. In addition to local shop owners, passersby also provided boxes, old clothing, and food to help them survive the cold weather.

Meet Istanbul business owner Selçuk Bayal.

Bayal opened his shop to shelter stray cats during the snowstorm.

They were able to keep themselves warm and comfortable inside his shop.

Thanks to Bayal, they have survived the cold.

Meanwhile, stray dogs were given empty boxes and old clothing throughout the area.

Even more shop owners opened their doors to the strays.

Thanks to the selflessness of the people of Istanbul, these strays will live another day.

The customers don’t seem to mind the company.

(via BoredPanda)

Although there are still a number of homeless animals in the world, the selflessness of others suggests that the number may soon decrease. The people of Istanbul have proved that there are still many people around the world who care enough to help animals in desperate times.