These Kids Just Got An Epic Treehouse. Prepare To Be Jealous

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What kid doesn’t dream of having an amazing treehouse ? We’re talking about the kind you typically only see in movies. It’s one thing to have your own private place outside of your house where no one can disturb you.

It’s another thing to have a cabin of your own…outside…in the trees. That’s what these 3 kids got when their dad asked his cousin to help him build a treehouse in the back yard for the children. Together, they constructed an epic treehouse so impressive that most kids can only dream of such a thing. Check it out!

TreehouseBuilder (on was asked by his cousin to help build a treehouse.

He’d wanted to build an epic treehouse since childhood, so he jumped at the opportunity.

The dog helped out in staking out the perfect spot.

Then they started with the deck.

Once done, they built an attractive safety fence around it.

Next, they set up the walls.

They added a fiberboard roof which they would then add shingles to.

The treehouse interior is designed like a cabin with a loft.

What epic treehouse would be complete without a huge slide?

Here’s the finished product.

It looks like something out of a movie.

(via ViralNova)


Check out more photos of it in all of its glory over at TreehouseBuilder’s gallery on imgur.