This Little Boy DIED TWICE But His Recovery Will Shock You

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For expecting parents, it is always difficult to learn that the unborn child is not developing properly within the womb. There are many changes that can occur in the womb, including genetic mutations and developmental issues.

Sherree Raffin was only 20-years-old when a scheduled gender ultrasound revealed something much more heartbreaking. The prenatal doctors learned that Raffin’s child had a rare developmental condition that forced his internal organs to migrate, becoming a jumbled mess within the baby.

Olly Raffin was born with jumbled up organs.

When Olly was in the womb, doctors discovered he had something called congenital diaphragmatic hernia, or CDH, which caused his diaphragm to under-develop. The little boy’s organs were a jumbled mess inside of his body: he had only one lung, and his heart was on the opposite side of his chest.

Little Olly died when he was born, but doctors resuscitated him.

After undergoing surgery 10 days after his birth, Olly died again. Luckily, doctors were able to bring him back to life a second time.

The doctors were able to put Olly’s organs into the proper places, and his immune system began to function again.

Although his health was not perfect, Olly began gaining weight and developing as normal.

Olly is now two-years-old, and he is healthier than he’s ever been.

He is finally able to spend time outdoors without the risk of germs destroying his immune system.

He loves to play with his toys and have fun.

He is also able to enjoy spending time with his family.

In 2015, his mother raised $65,000 for a charity that works to raise awareness of CDH.

Olly is a truly special little boy.

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Olly is a real miracle baby. Despite having died twice, this little tyke is now up and running around like any regular two-year-old! Thanks to his miraculous recovery, the world is now becoming aware of the effects of congenital diaphragmatic hernia.