Before He Died, This Man Got His Wish By Marrying The Love Of His Life

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Tony Cowan and his girlfriend, Karen Dawson, planned to marry, but a terrible car accident in 2014 put their plans on hold. Cowan was severely injured, died, and had to be resuscitated at the scene of the incident. He suffered from major spinal cord injuries that left him mostly paralyzed from the neck down, and on life support.

Doctors advised his family and Dawson to say their final goodbyes, as he only had days to live. But Cowan went on to live for two more years and got to marry the woman he loved so much before he passed away.

Tony Cowan was in a car accident that left him mostly paralyzed.

Doctors said he only had days to live, but they were wrong.

He had spinal cord injuries, and his head even snapped from his spine.

He was always in pain so severe that he requested on multiple occasions to have his ventilator removed to end his life.

He eventually underwent rehab and therapy and was able to go home.

Dawson was there to take care of him. Their love became stronger despite the circumstances.

In December 2016, he finally decided once and for all to have his ventilator removed because he couldn’t bear the pain anymore.

He and Dawson got married in the hospital and got to spend few days together as a married couple before Cowan passed away.

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Cowan’s last wish was granted, and he was able to spend the remaining days of his life with his new wife.