Mom Gives Her Daughter An Epic 18th Birthday Cake That Is A Must See

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It seems like everyone age 30 and under absolutely loves to celebrate their birthday, but many people over 30 no longer like celebrating their birthdays, right? Funny how that works. I guess for most of us, as we age, our birthday just becomes another reminder that we’re getting older.

For those who love to celebrate birthdays though, it’s never complete without a cake. While there are endless variations to this, some people have an affinity for getting an embarrassing birthday cake for the person who’s birthday it is. That’s exactly what 18-year-old Abbi Price from Coventry, UK received on her big day.

Abbi Price celebrated her 18 birthday last week.

She was celebrating early with her family and friends, and she ended up taking it to far. This was her soon after.

Before she knew it, she was throwing up in the toilet, and someone put a photo of it on Facebook.

Her mom took the photo though and told Abbi it would be on her 18th birthday cake.

This is how it turned out. It was delicious too, according to Abbi.

It turned out to be a masterpiece, much to her surprise.

The cake took a week to create and was done by a local woman in Coventry.

Price posted the cake on Twitter, and it quickly became a hit.

(via 22Words)

In the end, everybody had a good laugh and enjoyed the cake. Well played, Abbi’s mom. Well played.