You Won’t Believe What This Mom Gave Her Son To Take To College In Place Of His Dog

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Being away from home can be very hard for teens who are going off to college. Most will live in a separate city while many will live in a separate state or even another country. There are a lot of things they have to leave behind.

Aside from their family and some of the comforts of home, many will also be leaving their pets behind with whom they’ve grown up. Jake Ostrowski was sad that he wouldn’t be able to bring Jesse, his golden retriever, along with him. In order to help him feel better and less homesick, his mom got something special for him.

Ostrowski was sad to leave his dog behind when he goes to college.


Jake Ostrowski

According to him, Jesse sleeps in the bed with him every night.

Sharla, Jake’s mom, had a terrific idea.

Jake Ostrowski

She gave him a life-size cardboard cutout of Jesse to take with him to his dorm.


Jake Ostrowski

Jake was really excited upon seeing it and posted about the cutout on Twitter. The reactions quickly made it clear that others now wanted their own.


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Thanks to Jake’s mom’s creativity, the cutout of Jesse will be there with Jake in his dorm room to serve as a stand-in for the pet he had to leave behind.