Mom Looks For Shirt For Daughter With Autism And The Response Is COMPLETELY Overwhelming

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Autism has become a very common disease these days, especially among young people. Those suffering from it have specific and special needs. Take for instance, Cami Skouson who loves this floral shirt from Target so much that she couldn’t live without it.

The problem is this particular shirt was only sold until 2012. Cami has grown bigger since then, and her old ones won’t fit anymore. In order to make her daughter happy, her mom, Deborah, decided to look for the same shirt online.

She was able to find some on eBay, but Cami outgrew those, too. Next, she decided to find help from other people around the world. This is how she did it.

This is Cami. She has autism.

She absolutely loves her floral print shirt from Target which stopped production in 2012.

Her mom, Deborah, bought additional ones for her on eBay, until nobody sold them any more. So she turned to Facebook for help.

People offered ideas on how Cami’s worn shirts could be re-used.

And countless replies flooded in offering up duplicates of the floral print shirt or donations to help buy them.

Target also got involved.

Deborah is thrilled with the response her post garnered.

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There are many kind souls out there. This was proven by Deborah. Many responded to her cry for help, and she was given far more than she asked for. Cami will surely find endless joy from all the donations that poured in, especially since she now has virtually an endless supply of her favorite shirt.