Photos Of This Raccoon Have Gone Viral For The Cutest Reason

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Raccoons aren’t exactly popular pets in most parts of the world, especially compared to cats and dogs, but they can be nice to have around. You can take them for walks at the park, play with them, and take them to the groomer for a trim. In 29 states in the U.S., it’s illegal to own a raccoon.

In Taiwan however, having a raccoon for a pet is legal, so they’re not uncommon. Take, for instance, Joyce Tai who bought a raccoon in 2014, and named him Uni. She takes him to the vet for his vaccination every year, and then it’s time for his annual trim that makes everybody fall in love with him.

Meet Uni, a two-year-old raccoon with the cutest haircut you’ll ever see.

His owner, Joyce, bought him in 2014.

It’s legal to have raccoons as pets in Taiwan.

He gets a new haircut each year. This year, he got a puppy paw on his back.

Last year, it was a heart.

Close trims are needed for pets during summer in Taiwan due to hot weather.

Joyce posted the photos of Uni’s new haircut on a Facebook page she runs for him, and he quickly became a viral star.

He’s viral on Twitter too.

(via Buzzfeed)

Did you ever imagine a raccoon could be so cute? His unique color and extraordinary “hairstyle” make Uni an icon not only in Taiwan but around the world.