The Nike Pro Hijab Is A Game-Changing Addition To Their Sports Line

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There are a few different views in within various Muslim cultures on what the proper dress code is when it comes to the hijab and keeping oneself covered. However, the traditional Muslim view is that women are required to have everything covered except face and hands when in the presence of members of the opposite sex who are not close family members.

Just imagine how difficult it is for female Muslim athletes to wear hijabs while running in a race, skating on ice, and participating in other sport events.  Another company or two have been making sport hijabs for a little while now, but now Nike, one of the leading sports apparel companies in the world, has decided to get into the sport hijab game.

Nike is launching a hijab for female athletes.


It’s lightweight and made “Nike Pro power mesh” which they say is their most breathable fabric, and has the brand’s logo on the side.


The hijabs will be available in dark, neutral shades.

People have had varying reactions to the new Nike product.

Others see nothing special about it.

Some can’t contain their excitement.

It will almost surely be popular among Muslim athletes though, as some of the leading Muslim athletes have actually helped Nike in the development process.

The Nike Pro Hijab will be available for purchase early next year.


(via BuzzFeed)